WeTransfer Free Alternatives

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WeTransfer Free Alternatives

WeTransfer has long been the go-to option for many when sharing huge files over the internet. The platform is completely free, supports files up to 2GB in size, and is also fairly responsive. With the option for users to upload and transfer files for free and without ever needing to create an account, WeTransfer has evolved into a top-notch online file storage and sharing platform used by millions of users.

Despite all these benefits, one major problem with WeTransfer is that files sometimes get lost or download improperly. Platforms that offer AES Encryption, stability, and secure file transferring may be more appropriate for your needs if you want greater protection when uploading and sharing files over the internet with friends, family, and coworkers.

Below is a list of five free WeTransfer alternatives, each of which provides numerous new features that WeTransfer does not. Let’s explore every one of these file-sharing platforms to see which is the most suitable for you.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popularly used alternative to WeTransfer at the moment. There are various ways of sharing files and documents with Google Drive, each with a different level of protection. It is easy to upload a file publicly on the internet and share them with your loved ones or coworkers.

The default storage size for a free account is 15GB, though you can increase the size by paying a monthly or yearly subscription up to a whopping 100GB.

In Google Drive, there are numerous and remarkable sharing possibilities. If necessary, you can share specific files or entire directories of files. Additionally, you have the option to grant others access to different rights when you share files with them, such as permitting them to modify the files instead of just viewing them.


Obviously, we’re biased, but Airdocz is a great alternative to WeTransfer, especially if you live in a region of the world where WeTransfer has been banned. At Airdocz we aim to simplify file sharing. We offer 2 GB per transfer — and it’s free! If you want to add more customization to your transfers, you can add a personal message, custom file title, and even create an account which will allow others to see who is sharing files with them. These small personalizations make all the difference when sending important files for work.


Mega is one of the best alternatives for WeTransfer that you can use to share files using your cloud storage. The best thing about Mega is that it is a user-controlled, encrypted cloud service. Use the built-in chat feature to facilitate secure and simple communication among your relatives or clients. A contacts fingerprint verification feature enables you to cooperate and share folders with others.

MEGA is a unique cloud storage platform that allows users and businesses to upload, share, and save data smartly. Any media file, regardless of size, can be stored using Mega. There are various available plans, each offering up to 16TB of storage and transfer (a 32TB total for all packages). MEGA is an easy solution to file transfer and storage that runs effectively on almost every computer Operating system and mobile device. Although Google Chrome is recommended, Mega is compatible with all popular web browsers.

The company stated that Mega mobile app is also being developed even though it was initially designed for use on laptops and desktops. Linux, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems are all compatible with Mega.


For those looking for more storage capacities and additional features, Dropbox is a fantastic huge file-sharing alternative to WeTransfer. Free file sharing is restricted to 2GB at a time, just like WeTransfer. However, in addition to offering a multi-level price structure that raises capacity to 50 GB and storage capacity to a whopping 3 TB, It also provides stable transferring and storage of data.

For PC users, Dropbox is a well-known platform, but if you don’t know, its Android version is just as good. You can organize, secure, transfer, and upload data on the cloud. It can quickly build a secure backup and instantly upload the media from your photo library to the cloud storage. With this WeTransfer alternative, you can view the uploaded files any time you want, with or without an online connection.

Each Dropbox user has access to view, transfer, and edit files online. It’s a fantastic productivity software to use, and these functions are an excellent pick for remote teams who need to access and modify files in real time. Senders have control over each recipient’s level of access, with view-only and downloading options. Through Dropbox’s free desktop application, files can be accessed and stored offline when permitted.

There are several plans available. The free version gives you 2GB of storage capacity, which you can upgrade to 3TB or 2TB with the Premium and Plus subscriptions. Dropbox is accessible online and through desktop software, and its sharing features are easy but efficient.


One of our favorite cloud storage solutions is pCloud because it’s safe, free, and offers a larger file size limit than WeTransfer (5GB as opposed to 2GB).

pCloud is a fantastic alternative to WeTransfer, having a wide range of privacy and security features. File sharing is encrypted on the client side before uploading using the privacy protocol. Receive 10 GB of free storage that can be upgraded to 2 TB. Use the built-in music player to listen to audio files and grant users offline access to view files that are important. This huge file-sharing platform works quite similarly to Google Drive. pCloud users must log in to access, alter, or store files that were shared with them. There are different offline access options on both desktop and mobile devices. Finally, the drag-and-drop feature allows you to upload files from various platforms. pCloud is compatible with all popular websites, including Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

pCloud offers two free and two paid levels of functionality. This WeTransfer alternative allows users to transfer up to 5 GB of files to 10 maximum email addresses at once by going to their transfer page. Users can share 10 GB of files at a time if they register their account with additional information. Trash recovery is available with the two premium plans, and storage capacity is extended to 2 TB.


Smash is the best platform for transferring huge files between various devices. It offers a simple solution and is the ideal WeTransfer alternative to guarantee that the files are shared through the servers. There is no file size restriction with the Pro version, and the files are stored in their original size. Additionally, you get access to data on recent file transfers.

This WeTransfer alternative supports password security on any file for greater protection. Additionally, you will get an email confirming the delivery of a file and whether it has been downloaded. As much data as you want can be stored. You are free to store as many files as you like. Storage for free users is only available for 14 days. Every Premium member has access to file storage for up to a year.

Even in the free version, Smash makes it as simple as possible to share files for free. It’s ideal for companies that frequently transfer massive files. Users can all personalize their link URLs and email files directly.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are some great WeTransfer alternatives out there. Whether you require more file storage space, editing features, or secure transfer methods, one platform can satisfy your requirements. 

Consider your requirements before choosing a WeTransfer alternative because free platforms usually offer simple solutions; therefore, if you require complex tools, a premium platform may prove to be much more valuable. Additionally, free and inexpensive platforms might usually fall short in terms of the variety of capabilities they offer, whereas more expensive platforms can truly meet all of your needs. As a result, ensure you clearly understand the features you think you might need.


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