How to Send Large Files Online

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How to Send Large Files Online

Everybody gets frustrated when they complete their assignments and when it’s time to share them with someone, and the file exceeds the sharing limit. It is one of the worst feelings and disrupts the workflow as well. Unfortunately, everyone’s email account is limited to 25 MB and can’t carry data that exceeds this limit. So when we rush to submit an assignment or a project, we break the file into different parts and somehow manage to share it to submit it within the deadline. But these last-minute hacks can get us in trouble. Like, the order of the file is disturbed, or missing parts of files are one of the biggest issues. Large files also take up a massive portion of your device’s storage just by sitting in your sent folder.

Whether sending a sales video to your client or sharing your pictures or videos with your loved ones, the transferring process can become a headache if you are not using the right tools.

Having the right tools means that you are using a tool that does not limit your data sharing to a certain device. It should allow you to transfer files on desktop devices as well as on smartphones and tablets. The tool must be capable of supporting automatic synchronization and should also work smoothly for collaborative work between groups and teams. It should also resolve the biggest concern of the users, which is the security issue. The tool should ensure the safety of the data sent through it.

The perfect tool should also support backups to guarantee long-term large file transfers. The ideal tool must be free of the cons, like separating professional and personal data in the app. It should not switch between the accounts while working and should not have any permissions errors. The permission error must not occur, and the permission management must be easy to understand and implement. It should not be limited to 25 MB of storage.

In this blog, we will look at the best possible ways to send, share, and transfer large files without any hassle.

The Cloud

One of the most convenient ways to transfer large files is uploading them to a cloud storage platform, which makes it a lot easier to share with anyone by just sharing the drive link. The uploaded file can be any video, picture, or written data.

There are a lot of cloud service platforms through which we can upload our data and share the links. One of the most popular cloud service providers is Google Drive which has gained popularity among people due to its convenience and easy accessibility. Google Drive is followed by other different platforms like ExaVault, and Files. Com, OneDrive, and Dropbox, and these offer extensive file data sharing. For Example, it is completely free to store data on Google Drive below 15 GB. It has a simple interface and does not require a Premium to store or access your data.

File Compression

Another popular method of sharing large data files is to compress them. Compressing the file reduces the space taken by the files and makes light to be transferred and shared. It also reduces the time taken to transfer the file and improves privacy as well.


Large files can also be shared by Airdropping them. It takes less than a minute to airdrop the data, and it does not disturb the quality of the pictures and videos as well. All you need is to select the data you want to share and then click on the airdrop option, and it will be shared. But Airdrop only works for IOS devices, and if you have to share the data with android devices, you can share it through Bluetooth. If you are willing to share data with your friends, relatives, or colleagues, the best and easiest way is to store it in a USB flash drive and then pass it to the individual you want to share it with. USB drives range from 2GB to 1TB, providing you with more than enough space to store your data and upload files. One of the key features of using a USB is that it is fast, requires no technical skills, and creates an air gap. Through a USB flash drive, it is extremely easy to share data because all you need is to insert the USB into your desktop and save the data in it and then insert the USB into the computer you want the data to be transferred in and then eject all the files according to your needs. It also provides safety of the data since it is not connected to the internet.

Send Anywhere

Another excellent option for sharing large files is Send Anywhere. It is a file-sharing platform that allows you to send large files to your desired destination. You can also create links using it, which can be shared with other people and provide them access to the files. Access can also be granted to mobile phone users. It is a short-term file-sharing platform that operates through the sharing of links. It means that the file expires after some time, showing the unavailability of files.

Thus, It is a good application for short-term file sharing. It also ensures the security of your data and has a 6-digit verification code to access the files. It supports a wide range of Operating systems, including Android, Windows, Linux, Kindle, Mac OS, Amazon, and iOS. It supports sharing of large files and has a 10 GB file size limit which is more than enough. In case you need more space, you can get Send Anywhere PLUS, which provides 100 MB/s transfer speed and allows you to upload 50 GB of data at once. The premium version is also very affordable at $5.99 (£4.85) per month.

I hope that the following blog was helpful and provides awareness about the methods and techniques of sharing large data files without any delay while ensuring the security of your data files.


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