5 Free Tools Every Freelancers Needs

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5 Free Tools Every Freelancers Needs

If you’ve decided to be your own boss, your schedule, your company, and the projects you choose to work on are all under your hands. You’ll be in charge of several things, including project management, client communications, finance, and keeping up with the market. The truth is that you’ll have to do everything on your own, especially when you’re just getting started.

If you want to succeed at freelancing, the easiest way to proceed is to keep on track and make productive routines for completing projects timely. Thankfully, several amazing free software are available today to assist you in doing just that. Here is a list of five free tools for freelancers that I have personally tried. However, some of the things on this list contain some remarkable features that are only accessible through a paid subscription. Even in their free versions, they all work pretty well. That’s crucial when you’re working alone since you want to minimize your expenses to the absolute lowest and maximize your productivity.


Sharing large files (video, audio, documents, and photographs) might be challenging when working alone. For freelancers, individuals, and small businesses who want to transfer their files securely, Airdocz is a free file transfer service. It enables you to transfer files as simply as possible, supports uploads up to 2 GB, and provides a much more stable file-sharing platform.

Best of all? Airdocz is one of the best free tools for freelancers. It offers you to share and arrange your files quickly, and it is a much safer platform than the others because all files are immediately wiped after 7 days.

Thanks to this tool, sending and receiving files should now be simpler than ever. Airdocz is always available for you whether you need to send files between personal devices, deliver a file package to a client, or share massive documents within your own company.


Asana is undoubtedly the best management tool for freelancers. You can manage tasks and projects by using this tool. It has a really simple interface and is easy to use. In addition to its team-oriented design, Asana includes several tools to improve workflow management.

You can have discussions, store messages regarding projects, assign jobs, and integrate it with Slack, Zoom, Gmail, and a variety of other third-party programs at a glance.

You can appoint team members to particular tasks by attaching a limitless number of tasks to each project. So, I can assign my writer to finish a blog post, allocate myself to proofread and edit, and appoint my social media manager to share the content on Twitter when it has been published.

I use Asana to keep track of my personal projects in part because the free edition allows for up to 15 team members. As a result, I can significantly grow my workforce without having to pay for the premium service. Although a freelance writer would not use this, you’ll find this tool interesting if you’re a blog owner. You can also increase your writer pool significantly, allowing you to hire a dozen more people for your various sites.

Asana does indeed have a lot to offer from the perspective of a freelance writer and blogger. You can conveniently keep track of what must be done on any given day in addition to having access to an infinite number of projects in the free edition. You can use it to track almost every project, including the blogs I have to write, the updates I like to make, and the writers I would like to appoint and manage the workflow smartly.

Google Docs

Especially if you’re a freelance writer, Google Docs is a fantastic tool for producing and sharing files. With a working internet connection, you may access Google Docs from anywhere using your Gmail account. The documents you produce are all saved in your Google Drive, where you can share them with others to review or update. You can provide everyone access to a live Google Doc that updates in real-time rather than passing around numerous versions of a Word file.

Google Docs is completely free to use and supports all the features of some expensive office suites. It has word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation-building software. Spell checking, a word counter, a speak-to-type feature, the ability to insert images, charts, and tables into your work, and more features are included with the word processor. The spreadsheet supports almost everything from graphs, tables, complex calculations, and everything in between. Google Slides enables you to create high-quality presentations quickly and allows for remote, real-time collaboration.


Grammarly is one of the top AI-powered tools for freelancers and can help you produce flawless, precise, and error-free texts. If you write, you know that various readers like multiple writing styles. Using Grammarly, you can organize your work by setting goals and ensuring that your message is clear.

Whether you write for a profession or not, your work must always be flawless. A freelancer whose work depends on delivering flawless content faces many unusual challenges. Your writing must constantly attract new clients and satisfy their needs, so you must frequently find and fix errors, polish your work smartly and make your content flawless.

This tool is a game-changer for writers. It features numerous functions for freelance writers. For instance, you can get corrections even while you are not working in Grammarly. It lets you work on other professional websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, docs, and almost everywhere.

You can boost your productivity with Grammarly by editing and producing documents more efficiently. You can also set goals, save rules, write in various tones, run plagiarism-check (only for paid users), and more.


WordPress is one of the essential tools for freelancers who wish to stand out in this competitive industry. You can promote your work and attract more clients because this tool lets you build creatively designed websites. It has no restrictions and doesn’t require any coding.

WordPress is one of the most powerful freelancer tools, enabling you to sell your services, find your audience, and expand your freelancing business. It interacts with Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and several other SEO tools that can assist you in making a solid first impression.

Wrapping Up

If you choose to take the path of freelancing, you will have to take on a lot of responsibilities, from managing projects, deadlines, and invoices to dealing with challenging clients. But if you want to manage your business smartly, you can easily take the help of these 5 essential tools for freelancers.


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