5 Best and Free File Transfer Tools

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5 Best and Free File Transfer Tools

Even if you are working at individual levels or with a team, file transfer tools can help you manage your data quickly and efficiently. Having a convenient tool according to the needs is a necessity and finding one is not easy. Since the whole globe is moving towards working from home. The value of file-sharing tools has increased. Every company or organization needs an efficient tool for their employees where they can share information and upload their files without any worry. Remember that these tools do not involve any risks or security issues. It is also very important that the tools stay stable at the very moment when the company or an individual needs them the most. Yes, there are a lot of premium file-sharing tools, but those which are free of cost are usually full of glitches, and we can not trust them with our valuable files and information. Some free tools disrupt or alter the information in a particular file, and some mismanage the order of the files working with such tools can prove as a headache instead of becoming a helping hand. If a working individual has to get out of all the hectic, he has to spend money on the premium ones, which costs a lot.

Another concern related to the free tools is that they are limited to a specific file size and alter the information that exceeds that limit. A good and handy tool also promotes collaborative work between a group and helps edit and supervise data easily from anywhere around the globe. Finding a perfect file-sharing tool that matches your needs is not easy. But, thanks to this modern world, some free file managing and sharing tools can help you through your work conveniently without messing up. In this blog, find out the list of the tools that let you take control of your data about how to share. Several tools have different characteristics that make those file-sharing tools stand out among other tools.

Here are the 5 best (and free) file-sharing tools for sharing and uploading files and data.

GoVisually Share

GoVisually Share is one of the finest and easy to use file sharing websites available. This tool is convenient for the people of every class working individually and with a group or team to share information and data without any disruption. This tool has been exceptional in managing projects and data traffic efficiently.

One of the biggest perks of using this tool is that it enables us to share files, information, or data from anywhere worldwide without any hassle. An individual in a different part of the world can upload files that anyone else can access from anywhere on the globe. One of the prominent features of this tool that makes it stand out is that it does not limit the content or information to a particular content type, but it provides users the freedom to share information in all content types and formats like videos, Gifs, images, PDFs, Jpegs and more. It is a tool that is easy to use and accessible to everyone. This tool is also handy for those working on a collaborative project.

Google Drive

If you are already aware of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Then google drive is the best option for transferring files and data. All you need is to upload your files on google drive and paste the copied link into your emails or to the desired person you want to share it with, and within a matter of seconds, your files will be transferred to your desired destination. Google Drive is a tool that has a large number of users due to its easy accessibility and its convenience for an average user. Usually, most android users depend on the service google drive, but due to its popularity and excellence, the majority of Microsoft and Apple users can not neglect its importance and are dependent on google drive and other google services. Google Drive is an excellent tool where we can upload our files, allowing us to share the drive links with anyone we want to. One of the most remarkable features that this tool offers is it does not limit its use to a specific file size. We can share data and files without being tense about how large the file is. It is one of the reasons why this tool dominates every other file-sharing tool. Google Drive has many users using the tool, making it easier for everyone to share files and data because of its acceptance by the majority of the public. The excellent accessibility of Google Drive makes it possible to quickly transfer files from any part of the using any communication device within seconds.


When it comes to file-sharing tools with excellent synchronization, OneDrive indeed takes the lead. It enables a user to store data and information within the cloud. That data can be shared with your desired individual or group at any time within seconds, with a single touch within a matter of seconds. Its synchronization is not limited to a certain device but provides freedom to synchronize files across various devices. It is one of the safest tools and ensures security compared to other file-hosting websites and tools. OneDrive works similarly to Google Drive, and large files are shared through links. You only need an internet connection, and you can view your uploaded files through the links.


Even though slack is a popular platform for communication among groups and teams, it is also very easy to exchange data and files through slack. Although we can not transfer the whole archive through slack, it is a pretty helpful tool for quick file exchange among each other. It is a brilliant platform for collaborative team projects. It makes it a lot easier to solve a problem and makes the problem-solving process less complicated, with everyone on board having a hold to edit files and transfer drafts. The efficiency of slack minimizes the hassle and, in combination, makes it an ideal file-exchanging platform.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is one of the most simple and easy-to-use tools without any complications. As soon as you access Send Anywhere, the first thing you will notice will be the simple interface that provides you with detailed information. But having a simple interface does not mean it does not offer you anything. Send Anywhere offers you different features related to file sharing to choose from. Send Anywhere is an excellent tool in terms of file sharing and benefits you in saving your time and energy when it comes to sharing data and information.

The tools that are mentioned above have proved to be the best, and they have the most positive response from the users. This blog will be helpful for you and provide you with all the information that is necessary about file-sharing tools.


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